The CASUAL COMMUTER Riding With You On Your Way To Work

    by Vicky Semones

    Share a fascinating ride with The CASUAL COMMUTER and catch entertaining glimpses of San Francisco Bay Area commuters being themselves.

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    June 2023
    M T W T F S S
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Oakland Ave and Hillside ~ Piedmont

Oakland Ave & Hillside

Oakland Ave & Hillside


 The quietude and mature canopy continue up Oakland Avenue  along with narrow sidewalks lined with lush flora.  With only a couple of exceptions, everyone is receptive to our flyers.  Someone  commented: ‘I was wondering when someone would write this.’  And, as we’ve heard at a couple of other stops, someone said they have heard about us at work – that really helps to know there may be a  little ‘buzz’ in The City, ’cause it’s hard to tell out here at 7AM!  From 7:30-8:45A, #109 flyers.