The CASUAL COMMUTER Riding With You On Your Way To Work

    by Vicky Semones

    Share a fascinating ride with The CASUAL COMMUTER and catch entertaining glimpses of San Francisco Bay Area commuters being themselves.

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    June 2023
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If you don’t already know about the wonderful local website http://montclairoak.com, please check it out. The dedicated blogger, Debbie Richman, is a former reporter and has a keen eye and brisk delivery about all things happening in Montclair and the hills of Oakland. 

Debbie discusses the casual carpool phenomenon in the article, “Why Casual Commuting Works’.  You can find it under Recent Posts in Today in Montclair, 94611.

Debbie believes in a ‘sense of place’, and thinks I’ve captured an amusing slice of our East Bay community in my book.  Thanks so much, Debbie!


Park Blvd and Hollywood Ave ~ Oakland

Park Blvd & Hollywood

Park Blvd & Hollywood

With steady acceleration, coasting Westward along the Park Blvd downhill  grade, cars briskly approach the lengthening line of potential riders at the newstand in front of  this typical home in the area.  Site of the story ‘Misque’,  this location presents pedestrians with a challenge walking across the wide boulevard.  There is ample street parking, and an up-hill aerobic walk.  Nice to meet a former co-worker, but thrilled that I took an early retirement!  Just two hours ‘work’ from 7:30AM to 9:30AM; we handed out 255 flyers, then down Park to Montclair Village for breakfast at the Egg Shop, near Great Good Place for Books.